5 tips for tired eyes

5 Tricks for Tired Eyes

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"Wake up!" You are awake; so why do your eyes look so tired?

Don't worry because this is common and happens to the best of us, whether you're a famous TV star or supermodel. Our eyes always tell the story, partly because the skin's tissue surrounding these features is thin, delicate and lacking adequate protective oil glands. That means natural moisture is absent around the eyes and makes all of us vulnerable to appearing sleepy, not alert, out of it and even older-looking.

1. Gentle Pampering Perfect For Peepers

Before we get into cosmetics and how they can hide a multitude of facial sins around the eyes, we need to discuss hydration and bringing essential moisture to the eye area.

The skin around your eyes needs special attention because of its vulnerable texture. Look for skincare products containing hyaluronic acid because this tiny molecule holds a thousand times its weight in water. It will bring renewed life to your eyes as you pat it on gently around the area. HA is amazing and adds brightness and suppleness to the skin.

Vitamin C serums and creams are also effective at hydrating and improving dark circles. The collagen-building assets of Vitamin C also help to firm the delicate skin around the eyes.

2. Key Makeup Products Performing Magic

Concealer, concealer, concealer, ladies, is an essential step in creating the ideal pair of wide-awake eyes that look rested, youthful and bright.

How and when to apply this incredible product also matters. Most beauty experts believe that under eye concealer goes on after foundation.

Foundation or tinted moisturizers already help balance uneven skin tone, so applying your concealer after your base makes sense, so you don't over-do the lightening up technique. A thin layer of concealer applied under the eyes dramatically "opens" the area, lifts cheekbones and alleviates any tiredness or dullness you noticed before.

A concealer in a shade a bit lighter than your natural complexion will do the trick.

3. Mascara And Lash Curler Rescuing Duo

Curling your upper lashes is another trick that professional makeup artists use to "lift" the eyes and allow them to appear awake and larger. It's a small step in your beauty routine that instantly polishes your image. Invest in a decent lash curler, and gently press down on the tool's clamp to curl them. Even if you don't wear mascara, this tiny tip works at eye alertness.

After that, apply two coats of your favorite mascara, and you have upped your beauty game by a mile. Beautiful eyes with fringe lets people notice how pretty your eyes are and deters them away from any tiredness or under eye circles you might be hiding.

4. Nude Liner Hugging Waterline Effect

We've all heard about the classic white liner to wake up a tired or hungover appearance, but going nude is softer in its transforming makeover power. Some pro artists suggest buying a nude pencil and carefully applying on your waterline.

The waterline is the fleshy part just above the lower lash line.

A nude pencil there will create larger-looking eyes that are bright and awake. It's a quick technique to perform and works wonders for any colored eyes or skin tone on the planet.

5. Shimmery Shadow Playing With Illusion

Another great product that plays into our bag of effective tips and tricks is the shimmery eye shadow. Keep it light, and apply it across the upper lids for an eye brightening experience. Partying too long the night before? This clever tip never kisses and tells.

Make sure to extend the shimmery shadow into the innermost corners of the eyes. Your glamorous peepers will look bigger, brighter and wide-awake. A delicate soft pink shimmery shadow is lovely and feminine without bringing on the strong smoky eye.

If you've ever dropped your favorite eye shadow compact and watched the shadow crumble into pieces, we feel your pain. One of our best of the tips and tricks is our Fixy Makeup Repair Kit. It's an all-in-one kit that brings your broken makeup (shadow, blush and pressed powder) back to life.

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