How to Tips: Fray and Distress Your Jeans

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Since your local thrift store is all out of late 80’s frayed jeans, let me pass on some tips on How to fray and distress your own jeans and make them look great. It’s actually much easier than you think. Plus, why waste time searching for the right jeans when you already own some that fit you're great. Time is money, so let’s get ripped!…figuratively speaking of course.

Try out these tips for the ultimate frayed jeans:

  1. You must have all the tools for fraying and distress your jeans: Since practice makes a person perfect, take out a pair of old jeans and try ripping them. You need a craft knife, sandpaper and a great pair of fabric scissors for fraying your jeans. Make sure you put a block carefully under the fabric of your jeans when you are making the cut. Start small, but think big. Everyone is crafty as soon as they take that first step. 

  2. Tip for petite people: Here’s a great tip for those that are petite. Take a pair of scissors and crop your jeans a bit. Make sure to crop it above the ankle bone so that you can wear a variety of footwear with it. Next, make rips in the jeans. This gives you two styles in one pair of jeans. It’s time to double down.|

  3. Be careful when you are doing huge knee rips: It is true that huge knee rips are trending these days. However, you must be careful while doing them. Keep the rips at least 1.5 cm away from the seam on both sides. Another thing that you need to remember is that the rip should be at least 10 cm above the knee. If the rips are too symmetrical, they won’t look good. It should look that the rips happened naturally. If you prefer “stringy” knee rip, use sandpaper and rip the denim with a blade or scissors to pull the threads carefully out.

  4. Patches behind the rips: If you don’t want to expose too much skin, you can add random patches on your denim for a textured look. Patches behind rips look cool so why not add them to the mix.

  5. Ripping works with any color jean: Most people used to believe that ripping works great only with stonewashed light denim. This is just simply wrong. Ripping looks great with grey and black jeans too. Frayed black or brown jeans can look amazing and are a perfect choice to wear in winter. Plus, ripped black jeans are a powerful urban look.

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